Day +25

Not much new to report today. Brad seemed a bit more comfortable after a difficult night last night. He is very sleepy and continues to get more and better rest during the day, but his vision remains impaired (both by the eye problems and by their treatment—the fact that his eyes tend to be full of ointments can’t be helping him see). He’s not really able to use his eyes much, but I increased the size of of all the displays on his phone and other devices and that seems to be helping him use them. Though, honestly, he’s too fatigued to concentrate on much of anything.

Much of today was spent waiting for the eye doctors to show up, and as of this writing (5pm on a Friday), they haven’t. They are planning to do a procedure on his eyes daily to prevent long-term damage; I wasn’t here for it yesterday but I gather it involved scraping the eye surface and was pretty painful. Today, he’s been instructed to ask for pain meds first so he doesn’t have to suffer needlessly. There’s been some discussion of a bigger procedure down the line to fix any corneal damage, but it would need to be done in the OR, so it’s not on the cards until he’s much improved and not so immune suppressed. Anyway, questions about the eyes remain, but we’ve been promised that the big boss of the corneal specialists (who knew there were so many layers of eye specialists?) will come tomorrow. More then.

3 thoughts on “Day +25

  1. My hope is that for every step back there will be two steps forward. I admire your strength and look forward to your daily chronicles.


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