This is a cancer blog, about Brad Buchanan’s diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma and his stem cell transplant. Brad and his wife Kate Washington created it to keep friends and family updated on his treatment and progress. The short version: Brad was diagnosed with peripheral T-cell lymphoma in February 2015. After undergoing chemotherapy throughout much of 2015, he is scheduled for an allogeneic stem cell transplant, using donor cells from his brother, in January 2016. Afterwards, he’ll be a chimera—no, not a mythological half-dragon-half-lion, but the medical term for a person with two genetically distinct types of cells.  (Want the long version of the story? Read all about it here.) He’ll be hospitalized for 4-6 weeks and then will have a long recovery at home. We plan to update the blog to keep friends and family posted on his progress.

Many people have asked how they can help during this time and we are so grateful for all of your concern and thoughtfulness. Here are a few options:

Are you local? While Brad is hospitalized and recovering at home, Kate will be a little overwhelmed and would gratefully accept a meal, offers of help with errands, or just a friendly cup of coffee. Here’s a link for the meal train sign-up a friend kindly set up. Brad is very limited on the number of visitors he can receive at the hospital and will need to be in strict isolation both there and at home for some time, but he definitely appreciates encouraging emails and texts. We’ll update the blog when he is ready for visitors.

Are you not local but still want to do something? Thank you! A great way to help the fight against blood cancers like Brad’s T-cell lymphoma and to directly help those who suffer from them is to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) or to LLS Canada. Another way to help people with blood cancers, for those who are able and willing, is to sign up for the Be the Match donor registry and give stem cells to help save a life.

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  1. Thanks for doing this guys. Have been following Brad’s Facebook posts closely and appreciate the information and progress report. Hope you enjoy a happy Christmas together and the new begins with a successful transplant on the way to a cancer-free 2016. XO, I.


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