Day +11

Into each miraculously early recovery a little rain must fall… In my case, the rain is taking a double form; one is a tentative diagnosis of double pneumonia (I’m choosing to regard it as tentative because my go-to pulmonologist wasn’t consulted, and he knows my lungs better than anyone), and the other is an all-too clinically watertight diagnosis of C-diff (Clostridium difficile, which is everything its name hints delicately at, and more). I don’t seem to have the more dire symptoms of either condition, as of yet, but it’s not the greatest news to be getting as we head into the weekend. The prospects of a discharge next week (which had been discussed by the oncology team) now seem impossibly remote.

However, a world-class medical facility like UCDMC, with special emphasis on the transplant unit, knows how to roll with these punches. I hope it can teach me how ASAP, because right now I’m doing more reeling than rolling, as it were.

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