Day 0

The number zero has an empty quality that doesn’t seem to belong at all to what’s been happening today. So many people have messaged and emailed and so on that it’s been as full a day as I can remember, and I have had lots of company in my hospital room (Kate and my parents, plus lots of medical business to transact and discuss with doctors, nurses, and the amazing transplant coordinator). My brother took his shots uncomplainingly, endured the aches and pains like a champ, and showed up in the apheresis room ready to donate some serious stem cells. He was charted on something like world-record pace, and delivered double what was needed, so we have plenty of material to work with (even a future top-up if needed), again he can get on his plane tomorrow and resume his own rightful life on schedule. I received the cells between 6:30 and 8:00 or so, mostly dozing from the Ativan and Benadryl they gave me. I’m as tired as I’ve felt for many weeks, but anything but empty; instead, I’m full of love, gratitude, and hope.

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