Meal train

Just a quick post: Several friends have asked how they can help, and we appreciate your offers so much. There are some more ways on the About page (especially for non-local friends), but for locals, we have a Meal Train sign-up page kindly set up by our friend Ann (thanks, Ann!). Currently the December dates are filled, but in January and February I will need lots of help and will gratefully accept meals and offers of errands. (If you don’t see January dates right away, scroll forward on the calendar.) Everything is still on track for Brad to be admitted to the hospital on January 3 and he will almost certainly be there throughout January and into February, so I know I’ll be overwhelmed. We have already been the recipients of so much kindness this year and our gratitude to our local community of generous friends is enormous. Thank you all.

PS: If you came here looking for a recap of what’s been going on with Brad, you’ll find it in my initial post, “The story so far.”

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