Day +21

A quick late-night update today. The news today was that the nutritionist and Brad’s medical team have put him back on TPN (IV nutrition), as he wasn’t able to take in nearly enough calories by eating, despite valiant efforts. Unfortunately, the main food that was holding appeal for him was broth, which has very little caloric impact. He pointed out to his doctor that he’s at a reasonable weight for his height—but she countered that his body weight doesn’t really matter at this point; it’s more that he needs calories and especially protein intake to support his recovery and maintain his muscle mass.

Although Brad seemed disappointed to go back on TPN (I suspect it felt like a step backward for him), I am frankly relieved to know he will be getting more nutrition, and I’m hopeful it will give him a bit more energy in the days ahead. When I was at the hospital this morning, it was a challenge for him to walk in the halls—but, in keeping with his usual inspiring attitude and determination, he did it. He can continue to eat (as he feels able) while on the TPN, so we are very hopeful his time on it will be short but that it will speed his recovery. Happily, the steroids seem to be working and his gastrointestinal GVHD symptoms were abating somewhat today.

A quick note: I probably won’t be available to post tomorrow (planning to be out of internet range most of the day) and I’m not sure if Brad will be up to it. Regular readers, do not be alarmed if you don’t see anything new tomorrow. Happy Groundhog Day, one and all.